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Situational Awareness & Threat Prevention Seminars

It is always preferable to identify and avoid adverse situations than to take corrective, post-occurrence action.  Consequently, CEC’s Situational Awareness & Threat Preventions Seminars are designed to educate client regarding the best practices involved with preventing such occurrences before they develop.


Achieving this goal requires a holistic approach to personal safety whereby clients are taught about the criminal mindset and behavioral patterns, the best practices associated with identifying and avoiding threatening situations, and the actions that we take, or fail to take, that increase our odds of becoming a victim.


The phrase “knowledge is power” is nowhere more critical than in regard to keeping you and those for whom you are responsible safe.  Unfortunately, as our world becomes increasingly more global and complex, our ability to remain safe is often beyond our current capabilities.  CEC’s Situational Awareness & Threat Prevention seminars are designed specifically to address and remedy this shortfall.


Through use of one of our traditional course offerings, or one specifically designed to meet your organization's particular needs, we can help you achieve your safety goals.  Whether you are a scholastic institution preparing students to transition between stages of development, or a small businesses or corporate entity concerned with employee wellness and safety, CEC can provide for your needs.  


Our Situational Awareness & Threat Prevention courses center around the key areas of vulnerability that occur with the daily life cycle illustrated below.    


Within each lifestyle component, CEC helps clients identify and avoid the most probable threats to personal safety.  By following the our proven best practices, clients can dramatically increase their odds of avoiding adverse situations.  Moreover, they receive the additional benefit of being able to share their knowledge with others.


We must never forget that “Crimes of Opportunity” occur because we provide the opportunity, and that the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to acquire the knowledge and situational awareness skills to help keep you safe.


Remember, when running from a lion, you need not run faster than the lion, just faster than those running with you!  Let CEC help you become a "Hard Target".      


Situational Awareness Training (SAT) Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Why do I need SAT?

Crime is an equal opportunity provider (see Crime Clock Statistics below)


  1. Can SAT realistically help me?

Yes.  Our courses are concept-based, not physically-based, meaning that you can learn, apply and share Situational Awareness Best Practices immediately.


  1. How are CEC’s SAT courses structured?  How long do they take to complete?

SAT utilizes classroom-based, PowerPoint presentations containing real life anecdotes, in-depth discussion, and extensive use of audio-visual aids to enhance the learning experience.

While our courses can be tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, our most requested offerings are:

• 90-minute introductory course (provides broad-based overview of all 7 Life Cycle Modules)

• 2-day comprehensive course (provides in-depth instruction of all 7 Life Cycle Modules plus Adverse Event Resolution Training)   


  1. How can I attend a CEC course?

CEC offers in-house and off-site instruction, making it ideal for continuing education programs as well as special events and conferences.  Common course applications include:

• Corporate employee wellness programs

• College campus awareness orientations

• Middle school, high school and college transition preparedness


  1. How do I decide which course is best for my group or organization?

CEC will work with you to determine the most appropriate offering.  Our module-based format provided the flexibility of both overview-level and in-depth instruction regarding each Daily Life Cycle component: Home, Commute, Vehicle, Travel, Social, Office, and Children.  

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