Capital Enterprises Consulting Situational Awareness & Threat Prevention Specialists
Capital Enterprises ConsultingSituational Awareness & Threat Prevention Specialists

Company Profile

CEC is a New York State licensed private investigative firm established in 1996 to address the safety and security concerns of private individuals and corporate entities. CEC's educational programs are designed to provide clients with the knowledge and situational awareness needed to identify, avoid and mitigate potential threats to thier personal well-being. CEC's broad-based, scalable and individually-tailored seminars will ensure that clients receive the most targeted and relevant training to accommodate their unique and continiously evolving needs.  


At the core of CEC's educational product offerings are its customized "Situational Awareness & Threat Prevention" Seminars, that provide clients with with the knowledge and best practices needed to keep them safer, more aware, and better able to deal with adverse situations in their personal and professional lives.  


In addition to safety education training, CEC offers clients the following essential security services:

-Personal and Corporate Security Assessments 

-Executive Protection Services (Domestic and International)

-Private Investigation Services (Civil and Criminal)

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