Capital Enterprises Consulting Situational Awareness & Threat Prevention Specialists
Capital Enterprises ConsultingSituational Awareness & Threat Prevention Specialists


CEC offers a variety of services to address our client’s evolving needs.  Whether you are interested in our Situational Awareness & Threat Prevention training seminars that provide the knowledge and best practices needed to maximize personal safety, or you desire to utilize CEC's protective or investigative services for your organization, we can design a comprehensive solution to meet your particular needs. 


Below is an overview of our primary service offerings.  


Situational Awareness Training

CEC provides in-house and off-site situational awareness training to teach clients how to identify, avoid, and mitigate threats occurring throughout our daily life-cycle activities - commute, business and personal travel, office, vehicle, home, child safety, social, and cyber security.   


CEC's programs have been used by individuals and institutions ranging from local government agencies, small businesses, schools and corporate entities.  CEC's tailor-made seminars are designed to ensure that your unique safety and security concerns are met in a comprehensive, cost-effective, and scalable manner.  For a comprehensive course description, please refer to our Education & Training page.        


Executive Protection

CEC provides global executive protection services utilizing its extensive network of strategic partners to ensure that your domestic and international travel concerns can be met through use of a cost-effective, one stop, security solution.  


Security Assessments

CEC conducts comprehensive security assessments for personal and corporate entities to identify, evaluate and mitigate potential security risks.  CEC provides each client with a detailed report identifying their vulnerabilities, along with an adverse event probability assessment, and a comprehensive list of risk-mitigating solutions that will optimize client safety with minimal lifestyle / work place infringement. 


Special Event Security 

CEC provides residential and corporate venue security to ensure that personal gatherings and professional events remain safe, secure and private.  CEC offers both visible and discrete security to ensure the appropriate event environment is achieved.     

Private Investigations

CEC provides clients with a standard suite of investigative services including background investigations, surveillance capabilities, and asset and employee verification services. Additional services are available upon request.



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