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Active Shooter Training

Civilian Response Active Shooter Events Training is designed and built on the Avoid, Deny  and Defend™ strategy developed by ALERRT™ in 2004. CEC's ALERTT-certified instructors will provide your organization with the strategic plan(s) and guidance to survive an active shooter event.  Topics include the history and prevalence of active shooter events, the role of professional guardians, civilian response options, medical issues, and drills. 


The Department of Homeland Security states that having preparedness plans in place and carrying out drills are some of the best ways you can help your employees survive an actual active s

hooter situation.


Our tailored courses are designed to ensure that you are better prepared to meet a variety of active shooter situations and include the 4 critial steps needed to better prepare your organization to successfully navigate civilian response to a variety of active shooter situations. 

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